There's so much going on with our wonderful book series the Adventures of Moonbeam.  This series of 'picture books for horse people' is really starting to kick off.  The first book "Moonbeam Saves the Day!" is available in Hardcover, eBook (Amazon or Kobo) or softcover (Amazon).
Book 2, 'It's Show Day Moonbeam!', is available in Hardcover, eBook (Amazon) or softcover (Amazon).
Book 3 featuring the RDA/Para riders is with the illustrator and will be released in February. 

We're on track for a trip to Badminton Horse Trials (UK) with the first 4 in the series but you may see us or our books out and about at some shows before that.

The German version of the first book will be out on Amazon next week with the second up before the end of the year.

We already have these books being read by horse lovers in the US, UK, Sweden, Canada, Germany and in Australia. 

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