No more stressed, flustered riding!

Do you arrive at the stables flustered and a mess before you've even got your horse ready?     Do you feel you just don't give the best to your horse?     Have you seen riders that sit calmly and effectively and you'd like to work towards those elements of riding zen?

Well, here's a way to help....

Principal dressage trainer and Meditation teacher, Shahron, has put together a pre-riding (or anytime) Relaxation Meditation for Dressage Riders - this can be done at any time and practice will make perfect.    Meditation is like anything, the more you do it, the easier it gets and the better the result.   Practiced regularly, in the end, one thought and few practiced breaths and you'll be the serene goddess (or god) you've always dreamed of.

Download the attached instructions and the attached .mp4 audio file onto your phone or player for a spoken version.

Light, Love and Happy Riding!

Downloadable Audio File:   

Print Version:

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